Coding for WordPress

One of the many things I like to do is think of interesting ways to help promote various blog posts within a WordPress environment. From time to time people write blog posts that they find tend to be popular with their readers and want an easy way to display these certain posts. I’ve been playing around with creating a plugin that allows you to easily display specific posts in a list by the use of the post’s ID.

The Post’s ID is a (somewhat) unique number that is auto-generated when you create a new post. This number or ID can be used to retrieve a post and the information pertaining to that post. With this ID, the plugin can pull specific posts and display them in a simple list.

FeaturedPosts Screenshot

The above is a screenshot of the Featured Post plugin settings page in the administrative section on a WordPress install. With the listed IDs it will then display the 3 posts in a simple HTML list.

I am sure there are other similar WordPress plugins out there that do the same or similar thing. I just really enjoy coding/programming things for the WordPress environment. It is also a a fun way to spend a rainy day here in Vancouver when I can’t get out and photograph the world around me.

Would you be interested in a plugin like this for your self-hosted WordPress blog? Perhaps if there is enough interest, I’ll submit it to the WordPress plugin/addon database.

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