showTweets is a plugin that uses the Twitter API to retrieve user statues based on the usernames you choose. It will display them in a minimalist way using List Items <li> in which you enclose around either Unordered or Ordered lists.

Sample Output


The example on the left shows the basic Unordered List (with optional styling) of how the 5 more recent Tweets of @dynamicshark had sent out.

You can select to output status updates from 1 or multiple accounts. By default it will only retrieve the 5 most recent tweets, concatenate them and output the final 5 combined tweets based on a date value that Twitter’s API returns.

You can modify how many tweets to retrieve/output in the options.

Current Version: 0.2Download from

Revision History

Ver 0.2

  • Fixed Time function to display how long a tweet was last sent

Ver 0.1

  • Initial Release