jQuery Plugin: Galleriffic

Recently wanting to update the navigational portion of my personal blog’s photo section, I found a jQuery plugin called Galleriffic.

The photo section is created by doing various API calls to my Flickr’s Photostream, in particular a specific collection of photos. When you click on the category you are presented with thumbnails that are associated to that particular collection in a specific set. Previously you had to navigate between the photos by clicking on the Next Photo or Previous Photo links. This was a bit daunting and on each click, the page would refresh.

Tyler Ingram Photos - Sample

With the use of Galleriffic and some additional magical Ajax magic, I was able to provide an easier way to navigate between photos. You can use either the Arrow Keys on your keyboard, or click on the thumbnail of the photo you wish to see.

Each time a photo is viewed, Galleriffic will display the next photo without the need of refreshing the page. The little bit of additional Ajax I created goes out to Flickr to pull the photo’s Title, Description and Tags if they are present and displays them in their appropriate positions.

If you are looking for a good photo gallery addition to your website, one that preferablly isn’t Flash based, then I do recommend checking out the Galleriffic jQuery plugin. I know I’ll be using it for future projects.

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