My Work

Here at DynamicShark Media, I have experience creating websites with a variety of different Web Application frameworks and environments. The following is a showcase of my most recent work.

Robertson Images


Vancouver Photographer Keith Robertson wanted a way to show his photography to the world and had me build him a custom website. The website incorporates a database back-end for handling of images and copy. You can upload, modify and delete the various images within galleries. There is an integrated shopping cart that ties nicely into Paypal for express checkout. Shipping calculations are taken in real-time from FedEx.

This is a custom solution for Keith. I worked alongside Keith to take his vision into reality. Started with mockups in Photoshop, slicing the pieces and putting them back together with technologies such as xHTML, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery.

RSVP System for


An Event RSVP system built on PHP and MySQL. Data can be imported into categories with a uniquely generated RSVP code in which clients could use to RSVP to a particular event. The data is editable via a customized administrative area which also ensured invalid data could not be entered. It keeps track of who has been invited, who has RSVP’d and also who has invited a guest (if allowed to).

The system can also send out emails to RSVP invitees confirming their attendance as well as providing additional information.

A Little Coffee was a project where I took an existing WordPress theme (Themepod) and modified it to suite the clients needs and wants.

Modified Existing WordPress Theme, Custom Header Image, Custom WordPress Scripting

Robyn’s Nesting Space

Robyn's Nesting Space

Robyn’s Nesting Space is a personal WordPress blog. The initial design was created in Photoshop, sliced up into its pieces and put back together to create a unique WordPress theme.

Custom WordPress Theme

Tyler Ingram dot Com

Tyler Ingram dot Com

Tyler Ingram dot Com (my personal blog0 has been a WordPress based site that has seem many theme changes. It originally started out as a completely custom-scripted blog and eventually moved over into the WordPress Environment.

Most recently the changes involve the showcasing of larger photos as well as some custom Flickr API calls with the use of some Ajax scripting.

Custom WordPress Theme, Custom Scripting, Custom Flickr API Scripting, Custom Google Search Page